In search of peace and harmony? Why don’t you go on a solo ride? Yes, it is supposed to be the best thing to do whenever you are bored and you want to take a break from your daily routines. Ensure you have all the safety gears before you head towards a solo ride. Solo, a name itself says that you are going alone and you don’t have companions to look after you. Henceforth, safety gears are the must. If you’re passionate about riding and you don’t have a bike? Not an issue, you can rent it through the apps that are available on playstore and app store. HDFC has lot of offers and it is supposed to be the best credit card for travel india: 

Manchinbele Dam:

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It is just 45 kms away from the bengaluru city. It is off mysore road and near the big banyan tree. The road seems to be tricky and if you are looking for those bends and curves to move around on your bike, manchineble dam is the best place to go. You can see the dam when you are 2 kilometers away and they wont let you go inside as some of the guys have committed suicide near the spot.

Devarayana Durga Hill

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Devarayanadurga hill is almost 80 kilometers away from Bangalore. Those who are having royal enfield usually go there and you have a temple on top of the mountain. It is a great sight to look at the greenary at the top of the mountains.

Nandi Hills

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It is one of the best destination every Bangalorean would have visited.It is just 110 kms away from the city and it has nice hair pin bends. You will get to spot those passionate bikers leaning on the bends and taking off the bike. It is risky but to ride on those curves, you will be very much confident if you have a track bike. Never ever try to make these stunts on commuter bike as it wont be designed for tracks and there may be chances you might skid and fall.

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